Priming the Pump Porch

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Ahhh...back to work again after a crazy week covering KBIS.  We still have a few more items to share but we'll be posting them in and around our regular HiP (as we refer to the HouseInProgress) blogging.

Note to self:  Don't let others take photos that look up your nose.  Not good.  Nope.


Okay, so what am I doing here?

I've prepped our old trim and now I am priming it before painting.  If you really want to understand what a complete geek I am about home improvement and research, please refer to my reading material last autumn...the report entitled "Paint Adhesion to Weathered Wood" by the Forest Products Laboratory. 

Or, you can just admire my priming job thus far.


And here is Grace, just back from a walk with her grandma and completely unimpressed by the work I've done on her behalf.


What a little slacker she is!

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