The Irony of HouseBloggers in Money Magazine

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None of us HAVE money.  Hilarious!   That is where the phrase "house rich, cash poor" comes from.  Or, in our case, "house poor, cash poor."  Sigh.

While we haven't gotten our own copy yet, we hear from fellow housebloggers Bungalow '23 and Devil Queen that our blog and the community site are in this month's Money Magazine.

Sure enough, we found an online version of their picks for the 16 best real estate websites on the internet and made the cut!

They categorized the site as the 'best way to steel yourself for a remodel' before jumping in to a home renovation, and that definitely seems like a fair characterization.  They've also encouraged readers to join in and start their own houseblogs. 

If you're here for the first time because of the Money article, welcome!  We'd love to hear from you in the comments below this entry.  You can get oriented to our own bungalow renovation by reading our About Us page.  Even better, go on over to and check out the 250 other people journaling their renovations too.

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