Memorial Day Home Improvement Project Extravaganza

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After months of less-than-speedy progress on the house, we had a "big bang" style breakthrough on Memorial Day weekend.  Believe it or not, we did real, large scale stuff and even ended up sheetrocking an entire bedroom on the first floor!

Thanks to my parents (who watched Grace for most of two days) and our neighbor Jay (who is a former carpenter and helped us install our skylights last year) we actually felt productive again!

To understate it a bit...this is a HUGE deal.

The reason is that this bedroom, which has sat for over a year without a ceiling and with part of a wall torn out, is the lynch pin for the next major phase of our work on the house.

We need it finished becaue we'll soon convert it into our dining room.  Our dining room will then become the living room, and the doorway to the actual living room will boarded off so it can become our summer construction zone.

We want to separate it off from our living space because the work we'll be doing in there will probably be pretty messy and there's no door to close it off from the living space..we're thinking that Gracer really shouldn't get exposed to that stuff.

None of that work on the living room has started yet because we didn't have the bedroom finished and thus didn't have the square footage to rearrange ourselves for the several months that next project will take.

So, after squaring up the framing one evening earlier this week Jay and I were up Saturday at 6 am for a Home Depot run and we were demo-ing the old walls by 7.


Jay and I got a ton of work done before lunch--mainly because of Jay's experience.  That was great for him, since he went off golfing for the afternoon...that's the nice thing when it's not your house.

As for me, I spent five more hours dealing with 1,000 drywall screws.


Seriously, though, it was fantastic to have Jay's help.  It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it, which he's really good at and I'm sometimes not.  I'm not typically the one up and buying sheetrock at 6 am on a Saturday if you know what I mean....  :-)

All in all, a fantastic and productive Memorial Day weekend.  More photos and updates on what we accomplished in the next several days... 

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Yay!!! GREAT JOB! I am proud of you guys! I can't wait for the pics, this is a huge step!!!

Oh, you deserve a metal for drywalling in the hot temps we had this past weekend. Did you at least have you a/c on? We are in a similar place juggling rooms. We just moved Steve's office out of the basement to our dining room for the post replacement. I think we might decide to sacrifice our den for his office because I can't bear to banish him down there again- it's fairly gross.

Yes, luckily we do have A/C but unfortunately the windows to that particular room were open all day long so we could pitch trash outsite. It was rather hot...

Hot weather??? I'm envious! Here in Europe we have temperatures in the 50s and low 60s with lots of clouds and rain right now (we already had real summer weather for some weeks actually, then it dropped again, making us feel like March instead of June...
I'm sitting in class wearing a warm jacket after some genius decided to open the windows...

Stuff seems to get done in "spurts" doesn't it? I love your interior door.

It must be really satisfying working with your hands and accomplishing something. Cooped up in offices all day, we could all benefit from the experience. A holiday weekend well-spent. Thanks for sharing. :)

crazy in love with that door. congrats on your hard work all weekend...wish i could say the same for us! :)

Whooo - congrats on making progress despite steamy weather and one truly adorable and distraction... :)

I see you're using the Ipod Motivator. Works wonders, doesn't it?


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