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(I'm finally catching up with a few written but unposted past entries.  So much to write, so little time...)

Back in May, when we visited family in Minneapolis, we also took a tip from Apartment Therapy: Chicago and visited the Room & Board Outlet.  We have a few cherished Room & Board pieces (a Mackintosh bed that was a wedding gift, a bench) and love their quality but often can't afford their prices.  Not that they aren't worth it!  And the designs are lovely...they even have updated "takes" on vintage pieces.

So, we got up early one morning, tucked Grace into her car seat and headed to the outlet.  We entered sofa heaven.


They also had a nice selection of their other furniture as well.  Tables, chairs, desks, bureaus, dressers, beds.  If these were supposed to be damaged items, we could rarely find anything wrong with them.



$1,400 upholstered chair for $850.   Still out of my price range but a nice deal if you can swing it!

Although it's more modern than our house, I was totally digging this sofa.  If Grace had been awake, she would have liked it too.


You can mix and match tabletops and bases at Room & Board to design your own table and their selection of surfaces did not disappoint. 


And I'm a sucker for chairs.  I love them.  Lots and lots of chairs.  I'm not entirely sure why.  These leather bar stools were very cool and these wooden mod stools would look neat in a Danish Modern kitchen or a loft.



We were just browsing but you could tell that the other people walking around were getting quietly excited about their finds.  There were a lot of murmurs, even people "camping out" by a favorite piece and frantically calling a spouse or friend on a cell phone for permission to snap something up.

If we had found something it was nice to know that we could have it shipped for free to a Room & Board store in Chicago.

I don't know if the outlet would work for us, though.  We take so long to make a decision and have something SO specific in mind when we want something that it is hard for us to take advantage of a deal "on the spot."

However, if you aren't as decision-paralyzed as we are, check it out!

Room & Board Outlet

4680 Olson Memorial Highway
Minneapolis, MN 55422

Monday-Friday Closed
Saturday 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Sunday 12 p.m.-4 p.m.

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We've bought a few pieces from the R&B Outlet and I love having a resource like this in town.

I agree that when you go to the outlet you've got to know what you want and be prepared to commit on the spot. Some of the outlet stuff is scratch and dent where the deals vary by the severity of the flaw, but other items are returned special orders or one-of-a-kind demos that are cosmetically perfect.

People line up outside before they open on the weekends and literally race to the various areas of the store when the doors open. It's the closest thing to a scandinavian feeding frenzy this side of a pickled herring buffet.

Latte. R&B Outlet. My Saturday ritual :-) My house is a collection of R&B "finds."

If you really want to dream, you need to hit their stores (R&B & Restospect) over on France Ave in Edina.

Clearly, I have to take a trip to Minnesota now! I've been stalking a few pieces for a while, and live in hope that I'd find them there ...

Thank you for posting this. I had no idea such a wondrous place existed.

It's not quite the same as Room & Board (except for the "and") but we love our Crate and Barrel Outlet. Mitchell/Gold stores their slipcover patterns on file, so if you want a new one (or spill paint on the one you have) you can order it, even on most discontinued pieces.


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