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The Chicago Tribune (our hometown paper!) wrote a very cool piece about housebloggers today called True-life confessions of the weekend warriorThe tagline almost made me spit tea onto my keyboard:  Bloggers detail the good, bad and ugly of rehabbing; call it 'therapy'.  Hee.



There are some great quotes from Chicago Two-Flat, One Woman's Cottage Life, and Nightmare on Elm Street.

In fact, Jocelyn gives a great review of the article over on Chicago Two-Flat called "Are You a HouseBlogger Waiting to Happen?"  so I'll let her take it from here.  This is as much as I can type today while Grace is trying to "help". 

 If you are new readers to the site, welcome!  Check out the more than 280 other housebloggers on!


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I feel so privileged to be working with somebody famous! :) Seriously, though, that's great. Congratulations on your unsought-for success.

so fun to see your names and comments in the trib. next time i see you, remind me to get your autographs. ;)


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