First Floor Bedrooms and Hallway -- Floors are done!

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First, a trip back in the old time machine to see how these rooms looked when we first took possession of the house...

The downstairs hallway (with Coco, we miss her so): 



The bathroom in this hallway (yes, the tiles were already gone when we bought the house):


The bedrooms:





THEN!  Just before my family arrived on Thursday?  We were frantically working away at nailing the baseboard back on and trying to put things together...with NEWLY REFINISHED FLOORS! 






We still have more work to do in these rooms but the new floors and paint make them look SO MUCH CLEANER AND BRIGHTER!

Whoo!  And HOOO! Loving that pretty red oak. :)  Yeah!

(The downstairs bathroom was the first room we completed in the house.  You can see the "After" shots of that room in detail here and here.) 

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Very, very nice. What a difference it makes.

Okay, now that is an impressively fast transformation! I remember when you finished that bathroom too.

I am sure it will be a huge relief to you guys to have more space cleaned up.

Looks great! Where's the after bathroom shot?

The bathroom on the first floor was our first fully complete room after moving in to the house beause there wasn't a finished bathroom at all when we bought it.

You can see the shots here.

Looking good - that paint color looks nice with the newly finished floors. And I forgot how great your tub looked once it was recoated. Is that finish still holding up well?

Mindy, the tub's been pretty good. (Actually we refinished both our tubs the same way.) One of them has a chip in it now but that's because we dropped a hammer on one of them--not something I'd recommend. Seriously, it seems pretty durable but definitely isn't as strong as an original finish.

wow, you've come a long way. what a big difference some tlc makes. have you mentioned it? what color did you use for the room?

what's that nifty paint color in your hallway outside the bathroom?

The paint colors in the hallway and front bedroom are Sherwin Williams Tea chest (that's the darker cocoa color) and SW Latte.

We're still trying to figure out where we put the color chip for the kitchen and back bedroom. The card was a rectangular card with round edges. We had the color matched at SW and this is what is says on the label:

COMP MATCH to B0003-730C-2

BAC Colorant OZ 32 64 128
B1-Black - 4 1 -
R2-Maroon - 1 - 1
Y3-Deep Gold - 11 - 1

I'll keep looking...

Looks Great, can you tell me is Tea chest a gorgeous warm color, i was thinking of dping our Master bedroom in this, and am scared it may be a little dark, please tell me if you love it, and is it a warm, rich feeling being in that room. Any regrets or would you use it again. Is it a chocolate brown, with any undertones?? thanks alot


That really does look fantastic. But how would you deal with the occasional gaps between boards? Did the poly fill that all in?


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