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My family was in town this past weekend for Grace's christening and it was great fun to have everyone here.  My brother-in-law, Mark, brought along his trusty metal detector since he had heard about our house of "stuff" and was intrigued by what else we might find.



My niece and nephew assisted in canvassing our yard, front and back.  And it yielded...buried treasure!!!  (Arghhhh, matey.)



To be specific, he found:

A pure silver quarter from 1941.  (Quarters are no longer made entirely of silver...strangely, this one was not even tarnished.)

MANY wheat pennies, the oldest from 1916

A broken pen

A pocket knife

Some metal fasteners

A button

And only one nail.  Which surprised him but did not surprise me.  Because no one had ever done work on this house since it was built, I believe.  (Except for the wonky back porch added in the last few decades.)  How can there be nails lying around when no one used nails to fix anything?  Now, if we had found an empty tube of Liquid Nails?  That would have made sense.  There was a lot of that in the house.

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Neat idea! I just saw a place up the block advertising metal detectors and thought I might try it for a lark. I expect the most plentiful thing I'd find would be matchbox cars from the previous owners' kids. We keep finding them everywhere in and out of the house.

Baptismal blessings to baby Grace!

Never a new roof either? New roofs usually result in many nails in the yard, near the house.

There has been at least one new roof in the last 8-10 years (nearing the end of its useful life). Before that, they must have let the roof get pretty bad because there was a TON of water damage on the second floor.

My hunch, since we can't find nails around the house, is that the roof was stapled. But I'll only know that for sure when they re-roof the house...

Thats 1941 quarter is 90% silver and 10% copper :) but 90% is good enough!

Nice finds also....Im more into antique bottles but I like to take out my detector ones in a blue moon....you never know what you will find!

Very fun- I don't think we'd find many nails in our yard unless they were from us. I did find a penny from around the time the house was built, but that's it. Sounds like it was fun!

I'm guessing your silver coin wasn't tarnished because it wasnt exposed to oxygen.

Love yr blog, by the way.


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