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Another basement find.  These are pretty common in the city... 

Many people use them for a trip to the grocery or laundromat.  Aaron teases me about my wanting to use one but hey!  It's handy!  And if you want to save on gas and not drive, what better way to cart things around?

Plus, it folds flat which is way cool for storage.

We found a couple of them so we donated this one to our local garden project run by a student from North Park seminary.  They raise produce for a little farmer's market and donate harvested goods to food pantries.  (I'll be doing a little post about them soon.  It's a very cool project.)

This one is circa 1965?  1966?  (Oh man, it's as old as I am!)  But you can also get new ones around town as well.

Interested in the history of the shopping cart?  It's a pretty cool story, actually. 

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We had one of them when I was ayoung boy, in the 30s & 40s. I used it for grocery shopping at the National Tea store on Augusta Blvd. & Crawford Ave. Crawford Ave. is now Pulaski.Rd.
POPS --30--

I lined my great grandma's that I too found in the basement and use it as a laundry basket in our main floor...then we just wheel it to the laundry!

Until I got my drivers license in 2002 I used one of those to go to the grocery store every day, my kids hated it but didnt have a problem with them, the older ones are much nicer then the newer ones, more sturdy.

I used to have one when we lived in Westchester County, NY. We were just north of the Bronx, in a small city (compared to NYC) and I could see the grocery store down the street from our apartment. Driving to the store just seemed wrong in that circumstance. We also had an unreliable car, so having the cart was a good thing. I could still function if the car was at the garage. They are so useful, it's worth the "little old lady" persona that goes with them.

We call it the "old lady" cart. It is super handy I must admit!

I totally used an old lady cart! And this was hoboken, NJ circa 1998. gotta love 'em, even if it is just you and the little old italian ladies hauling from the a&p. those little old italian laides know from what they're doing.

I can't stand these carts! What a pain, especially if you have to go up or down stairs...that's why I invented The Bagalong!

Check it out: http://www.thebagalong.com


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