What lives beneath...the kitchen floor?

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Sorry I haven't been online much in the past few days.  Our kitchen is in our living room, the baby is at her Mormor and Farfar's house, and I am darting back and forth in between.

Mark from Nature Flooring arrived to help us out with our complex kitchen floor dilemma.  The one where the original 1914 back porch became part of the kitchen at one point.  The one that looks like this:



This is where the decades old maple ends and the splintery soft pine boards begin.  It's crazy, really.  A patchwork floor.  A yucky floor.

So Mark tore right in there with a bravery that made me gasp a little.  


And, ewwwwww.  What did he (we) find?

Mouse nests.  Old, disgusting mouse nests.




And a lot of dirt.

This was not as bad as finding brand-spanking-new, fresh, sparkly mouse nests, but still.  Yuck. 

We also found some REALLY old newspapers, one in pretty good shape.  So, more about that tomorrow!

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You're such a tease! I'm dying to know how old is really old?!

mouse nests = dis. gust. ing.
newspaper = cool enough to make you forget about the mouse nests

The mice would have probably appreciated something to read whilst taking breaks during "Operation Infestation!" (best said in booming James Earl Jones voice, like on CNN)

"fresh, sparkly mouse nests" ... hee hee.


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