1928 Edition of "World's Greatest Newspaper"

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What did we find under the kitchen floor?

The publishers of the Chicago Daily Tribune were very confident in 1928 that they had every other newspaper--IN THE WORLD--beat. 


All that bravado for only two cents an issue!

What was news on April 14, 1928?

As you saw from the headlines, the German-Irish Flyers had landed.  (This is reference to James Fitzmaurice, Hermann Köhl and Baron Ehrenfried Guenther von Hünefeld completing the first transatlantic flight from East to West.)

What is amazing is that the Pineapple Primary in Chicago occured just four days ealier and only gets a small mention!

Boy comes out of coma and shares identity...truck driver steals money, cries "Thief!"  (Click on the photos for an even LARGER photo!)


The question that they pose to people on the street is an eerie foreshadowing of The Onion's American Voices column.

"Would you like to be a film actor?"


Frank Forbes, New Southern hotel, salesman:  "That sounds good to one who has natural talent, hum, hum: a diamond in the rough.  Some years ago I followed the rainbow to Hollywood, expecting to get on, but I found the people there starving to death with no chance to get in."

Wow.  Some things never change!  It's just that starvation is the "look" in Hollywood these days.


Wally J. Bush, 3256 S. Halstead Street:  "You betcha, I'd like to be in the movies.  I'd stand on my head, swim across the lake, climb a flagpole, walk to California--but it wouldn't do any good.  I know that.  But, gee!  Look at Charlie Chaplin, how did he do it?"

Wally, those kind of antics will get you kicked off of the Paramount lot these days.  :)  (Wow, did I just snark?  I think I did.)

(To be continued, she typed and smiled ominously...)

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ooh, Justice did find you, Theodore Freeman! Perhaps he was an early "Hired Truck" driver and the cash was some bribe?

This is amazing all the stuff you're still finding in the house. How did a paper end up under a floor? And that's probably the reason it looks so well preserved.


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