1928 Edition...Continued

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The World's Greatest Newspaper, found beneath our kitchen floor, continued from yesterday.

Oh, those wacky topers in D.C.!  Always voting for something that they won't hold to themselves...  (1928 = Prohibition.  Toper = drunkard.  Click on a picture to make it larger.)


One of the oddest articles I've ever seen written in a newspaper. It reads like a script from a mobster movie! (Syndicate = Mob.  Pinched = whacked = sent to live with the fishes. arrested = thrown in the slammer = sent to the hoosegow.  < I stand corrected!  Thanks Glorious Noise.)

The mob was pretty high profile in Chicago in 1928.


Oh James Cox!  That you and your running mate, FDR, could have saved the United States from Warren Harding, Coolidge and Herbert Hoover!  When will this country ever learn??!!


Interesting ad for the Sauganash neighborhood in Chicago, which is just blocks away from where we live now!


My guess is that the house in that ad is still standing, somewhere, in Sauganash.

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"Pinched" means "arrested," not "whacked." My great grandmother always said it when she saw a cop pulling over a car: "John Law pinched someone!"

I found hundreds of WW-II era newspapers lining the attic in my 1908 bungalow, presumably for insulation during those fueled starved times. Most were crumbling and a fire hazard, so I removed them. The few I could read had choice headlines about the war and the Nazis.

Is there any chance the newspaper you found contains an article about a previous owner?

HA! My darling husband Chris always calls the coppers "Johnny Law"

WGN radio stations call sign stands for Worlds Greatest Newspaper. But, like my father before me, I do not allow the Tribune in my house. Never have, never will. POPS --30--

That's a remarkably well-preserved paper. Neighbors of my friend's parents on the Cape found 1926 editions of the extinct Boston Transcript while I was visiting earlier this summer and called me over to see, as they knew I'm a newspaper editor. Unfortunately, it was so fragile it was difficult to read much and was disintegrating in our hands.

It's so interesting (to me, anyway) to see the lack of objectivity and attribution, such as recounting a whole unheard conversation as in the slot story and saying that Smith "seemed to know everybody there." We'd never get away with that today! Thanks for sharing. Will there be a Part III?


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