The Renovated Maple Kitchen Floor

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As a reminder, here was the kitchen floor we lived with for three years.





Dangerous (nails! splinters!), disgusting and impossible to clean. 


Mark from Nature Flooring tore up the soft, splintery pine in the corner by the back door and installed reclaimed vintage maple from another project so that it matched the rest of our maple floor.  Then, he sanded everything down.  (I took these pictures through the a back window. That is why you can see a faint reflection of everything on the back porch--including me--in the glass.)




And after he was done sanding and coating it?




Would you like the close up before and after?  Well, here it is.  Before:




And after:


It's bare feet and baby knees in the kitchen from now on!  Whoo hooooo! 


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beautiful! and just think that floor is like 100 years old. If only we could look that good after a 100 years...

We are having our floors done this week so I look forward to seeing a similar result.

Where's the after?!!?!?!

There's no picture!


Beautiful! As you know, we did this several years ago and are still enjoying the restored vintage floor! It is an amazing transformation. Isn't it wonderful having someone else do the hard work for a change?

That is so awesome!! It gives me hope for my maple floors, too. What kind of finish did you decide to go with?

Wow, pretty! Nice floors must make a huge difference.

whoot. beautiful. :)

i promise you will not get tired of admiring them.

Beautiful! The maple floors in our house were one of the first things we noticed and loved. You will admire them forever.

Beautiful floors! Are there more photos of your kitchen remodel? Please share!!

Looks GREAT!
And looks like a rather high-tech sander!
I'm refinishing a floor too at the moment, but my tools aren't nearly as high tech.


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