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The view from our front porch yesterday




We have some of the coolest neighbors.  Every year, we've had a block party where we close off the street and the kids can roam at will and the adults grill in the front of the houses and everyone enjoys the end of summer. 



Often it lasts well into the evening while you are stretched out on someone's steps with a glass of wine and the warm glow of lights behind windows pooling onto the front lawns.

And the warm glow lasts inside of you as you tuck yourself into bed later that night.

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Nice. I remember that post from last year. Boy how time flies. Your "hood" reminds me of my childhood home and block(also in Chicago). Where we live now, it's more "urban" neighborhood, but it has it's charm too.

Where we live now, we tend to do the stand outside and talk with neighbors thing. And we have our dogs play together. Oh, and we discuss what we have called the police for lately :)

Oh that's one of the things I miss about the States, really fun neighbors.

Okay so exactly how many glasses of wine did it take before the adults took over the bouncy castle?

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