Edgar Guest on Talk Like a Pirate Day

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I found this picture in the basement (one of the many things left behind in the house) and thought, hmm.  How would Edgar Guest have said this on Talk Like a Pirate Day?  Well, hey!  It IS Talk Like a Pirate Day!  So let's see:




-That scallywag, Edgar Guest-

A glad arrrr an' a hearty grip

Be th' first beginnings o' mateyship

An' Father Time in his kindly way

Bends us closer tide by tide

We grow from th' smile an' th' kindly hand

T' know each other an' understand

An' I hope some tide ye will find in me

Th' faithful matey that I want t' be

Ya horn swollgin' scallywag!

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Thanks for the laugh.We need it today as we have a Celebration of Life/ rememberence day for Steve Erwin.As a country we have lost three famous sons in the last few weeks but Steve was a loss to the world and all her creatures.

"He started to sing as he tackled the thing that couldn'tbe done and he did it"

"It takes a heap o' livin' in a house to make it a home"
Edgar Albert Guest. Used to write in the Chicago American in the 40s.
The quotes above pertain to what you folks are doing to your home.it seems to me...POPS --30--

Holy cow, you guys had (have?) a TON of stuff in that house. Reminds me of ours....in fact, I think you posted a comment on one of my posts about how to handle the karma factor of selling and/or giving away a whole bunch of stuff that came with the house.

it is sad how much i love that print.


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