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Well, the dust seems to be settling down after a week of heavy traffic--if you didn't see it, an AP article on houseblogging came out on Wednesday, September the 20th.  If you've been checking us out for the last few days after reading the article...welcome!  :-) 

Bill over at Enon Hall (who was also interviewed and photographed) first pointed us to the article when it was published late Wednesday in the online version of the San Francisco Chronicle. 

That was pretty cool, but we were amazed to get a second email from Bill Thursday afternoon pointing out that it was the feature story on the Tech section of!

It's a really nice story, written by Jocelyn Noveck, that focuses on the increase in DIYers who are documenting their projects online. 

The article quoted Jeannie and referenced our little project here (as well as our other little online project, but more importantly it gave appropriate credit to Enon Hall as the earliest "pre-blog" effort to fully document the restoration of a home.  Big props to Bill and Gay for getting the credit they deserve!  Congrats as well to the other housebloggers referenced--The Devil Queen and Shelter Life--as well as the several others who were mentioned less specifically by geographic location. 

As always, if you are new to our site and this whole 'houseblogging' thing you should definitely spend some time checking out the many other fine houseblogs listed in the directory.  As a starting point, you could try the tag cloud in order to find a specific type of houseblog.  You might even find someone renovating a home just like yours.  (No luck?  Register at and start your own!)

While this isn't the first article about houseblogging, it's definintely one of the most notable.  Since it was put out on the wire by the AP it was picked up not just by CNN but by dozens of other websites and papers across the US.  For posterity, we took screenshots of some of the more interesting ones and have pasted them in below.  (I hope you can bear with us since we had to save the screenshots someplace and this seemed like the place we'd be least likely to lose track of them.)

Beyond the online sites below, we'll probably never know how many papers it ran in.  We didn't come across it in our own Chicago Trib but it was neat to see that John's local Russellville Courier put it on the front page of the Market section.


Hi.  You really scrolled down through all of those?  :-)

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just goes to show the power of the press and how important syndication is in story distribution

Boy, that story had legs, didn't it? Congratulations.


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