Radiator Adventure

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Of course I waited too long to take the radiators to be sandblasted.  Of course I did.  I toyed with the idea of waiting until next summer to have them done, but the baby was getting mobile and the paint on the radiators was chipped and peeling.  I had this vision in my mind of the baby eating the paint off of the radiator fins.  That motivated me to remove them and get this job done.


Unlike braver housebloggers in Chicago (Chicago Two Flat and This Old Chicago Two Flat), we decided to NOT strip the radiators ourselves because the season where heat would become important was nigh upon us.  Sans baby, this still might have been a project that we could have done ourselves but there just wasn't time.

With the help of some local laborers, I got the radiators out of the house.  Aaron was at work, the baby was with a babysitter, and I was roaming Chicago with a thousand pounds of iron knocking around in the back of a rented van. 

I was wearing leather work gloves, knocking back some black coffee and I felt very tough-as-nails.  Outta my way, people.  I'm hauling radiators!  Yeah!

I turned in at Ace Sandblasting in Chicago to unload 'em and get 'em stripped.


Ace further fed my "I am such a tough broad who hauls radiators around" delusions.  The coolest old factory building with its Art Deco styling and no-nonsense shop floor.  Look at that sandblasting, um, thingy.  You know, room or whatever it's called.


Luckily, the friendly management at Ace (aka Joe who knows all) was very kind and did not poke holes in my "look at my bad van renting self" daydream.  He showed me around the shop and I explored the wide variety of projects that these folks take on.  Like this enormous metal sculpture:


There was a cool antique phone booth from London on the day that I was there. Lots of radiators. And a garden-variety bathtub that is stripped with such care that you can see every detail in its gorgeous clawfoot.


(To be continued)

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Brave or crazy were we- who can say?

I can't wait to see the results!

I love projects like this and seeing how they turn out!

How long until you get the radiators back? It would be great to watch them work for awhile...

jocelyn--I think brave :)

Trissa--The radiators are finally in and I'll post the final installment in the sage later today. But for now? HEAT!


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