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We just found out today via Chicago 2-Flat that this site was mentioned (very briefly) in an article posted online by NBC5 in Dallas/Ft Worth.

The article, Don't Do It Alone,  focuses on interviews with a number of our fellow housebloggers and focuses mainly on why people write houseblogs like this one and the social community aspects of it all.

Many kudos to Fixer Upper, Chicago 2-Flat and 1902 Victorian for the great interviews!  :-) 

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No - thank YOU for keeping the houseblogger community alive and growing! :)

As a remodeler. I've pretty much seen it all, undone it all & put it back again.
If a customer is selling their home & they don"t have the money for "Proper" repairs, they choose an answer that solves their problem, but, often covers the problem.
Final answer: Money; be it Lack of or fear of loss for as to why someone would cover a fireplace & book cases.


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