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I totally forgot about this little red gem that I had set aside for myself a LONG time ago when we were first digging through all of the things that we found in the house...



Isn't she a beauty?  A lovely vintage red Royal Typewriter with glass keys in her original case. (circa 1930s) And she WORKS! 


Just the thing for when I type my memoirs on that little island off of the coast. (I wish.) 

(Yes, I am old enough to have used a typewriter to write my high school term papers.  No, I am not old enough to have ever used a quill pen.  Yes, these are answers to real questions that my fourth grade class asked me the year I was foolish enough to teach media and technology to K-8 students.  They were awesome kids, but have you tried to teach anything new to a fifth grader about computers?  It was a race to keep up with THEM!) 

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Awesome! Now you just need a red Swingline stapler to complement your find.

that is truly the most beautiful thing you've ever posted on your blog (with the exception of grace...) what a treasure!

You wrote:
> have you tried to teach anything new to a fifth grader about computers?
> It was a race to keep up with THEM!

LMAO!! I teach computer science at a community college... try teaching new high school graduates, a third of which are total gaming geeks or computer nerds who know ten times about things like multimedia and optimizing performance and linux and all kinds of other things than I do.

And I also learned to type on a typewriter, and used it for all my college papers. And my first computer class was in 1975, using a korean war vintage teletype machine to type Basic programming commands which were then translated into holes punched into a long piece of "paper tape", then we'd run the program by feeding into the tape reader which sent the commands to a computer the size of a classroom with less power than my laptop. College was all punche cards (I was a systems engineering major). I feel like a total relic.

Hey, at least I got a good laugh out of my students when I told them that I was excited that I spent part of my holiday break learning how to download music and put it on my new mp3 player!!!

that is gorgeous! i have a few of my own vintage typewriters. i learned to type on a typewriter, but it *was* electric. it's really hard to go from typing on a keyboard to using the vintage typewriter. you have to really pound those keys!

i also learned to program with punch cards.

Wow, that's a gorgeous typewriter.

There's something really old-school delicious about typing on a typewriter. It makes you think a lot more, for one; there's no backspace/delete! I used to love using my mother's typewriter and watching the letters snap onto the page. And the thin paper that ends up embossed with your words....... so cool. I'm jealous!

That is a beautiful thing. I had an IBM Selectric for a while. It was cold and sterile compared to that. That typewriter begs to be typed on.

Why do you think we're having a baby? I need someone to teach me about computers.

That's a sweet typewriter! I can't say I've ever seen a red one. Memories of typewriter erasers, correction fluid and that pinnacle of typewriter technology...the correction ribbon are dancing through my head! As for your comment about 5th graders etc... Our 3 year-old sits at the computer and says, "I'm going to check email"!

Does anybody else remember the smell of these old manual typewriters? I hadn't thought of that until I looked at the picture with the ribbon and all those little arms that fly up at the paper. I can smell my mom's - the first one I learned to type on.

I am extremely interested in buying a typewriter exactly like that and I am willing to pay a sum of money for it if you are willing to sell it. you can contact me at if you are willing to. What a nice find!


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