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Many thanks to Derek from Kensington Bungalow who tipped us of to an article in today's Vancouver Sun about houseblogging that happens to mention our blog here at House in Progress.  The great thing about this particular article is that it really spreads out the citations and names a whole boatload of the blogs registered over at Houseblogs.net.  Congrats to everyone.

If you're new to this site and enjoy renovations or home improvement, we'd suggest you wander over to Houseblogs.net to find hundreds of others like it.  It's a community anybody can join, too, so if you're working on your own fixer-upper be sure to sign up, create a blog, and "share the misery of your own renovation!"  :-)

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Hey, I've been reading your blog since the beginning. Now some of my fellow Vancouverites are in the loop too. Cool!


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