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Yes, the circle of life spins around once more as I find these postcards in the house among the stuff left by the previous owners. Especially interesting to me? This postcard, which also happens to be...

flapostcard3.jpg actual picture that I took while visiting Anna Maria. Small world.


Some vintage postcard selections...



This hotel is still in Miami, but it has a different name...




Who was the art director responsible for this one? "Let's make the dad more...I don't a creepy uncle-type figure. Yeah! Here, give him this hat. Oh! And this picnic basket. Tell him to run like his knees are fused together. Perfect!"


Oh, the seventies. Such a funny, funny decade. The hair. The clothes. The drugs that caused a guy to drive his car into the surf...


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Weird... you're dead right about the style of the post card, at least the people, but the car is most definitely a late 1980s Mercedes! Think that model came out in 1987 or 1988!

Piece of useless trivia (unless you happen to own one and want to save on gas money): the diesel version of that model drives quite happily on old frying oil, sunflower oil and whatever you happen to pour into the tank...

Beg to differ. Looks to me like a Grand Marquis. I learned to drive on a '79 that looked just like that (though it was mint green with a dark green vinyl roof), but they didn't change the body style until ? late 80s?

Granted, our monitor's on its last legs, but that has got to be a Mercury.

I found myself at work perusing your horde for 30 minutes before I had to do some actual work. Wow!! While I probably can't fathom the degree of clutter and amount of debris, I am absolutely fascinated with your effort of turning lemons into lemonade. I foresee a best-selling book, perhaps a large scale coffee table book. Maybe a biography or two of those passed. Mmm, mmm lemonade!!


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