Hmm. Steer horns?

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Doesn't everyone have a set of these in their basement? You know, for emergencies or something? (I'm not talking about the table saw.)


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I'm jealous. We just have folded laundry on top of our tablesaw.

No, but we do have a turkey foot that's been made into a candleholder (!).

Aaron told me he was going to mount those on the radiator cover of your car. After he removes them from the front of Grace's tricycle....

You can put them on the hood of your car only if you live in Texas...POPS --30--


I just opened up the latest This Old House, and lo and behold, there was your article! It's a great one, and especially near and dear to my heart since we've been through a similar experience these last few years. Teague and I knew each other for 10 years before we moved in to Dirty Gert, but living and working together on a fixer-upper has definitely enlightened us about just how different we are. Jeannie's point about safety DEFINITELY hit home. Remember our homemade scaffolding? Scary. Anyway.... I could ramble on all day, but I just had to stop by and tell you how thrilled I was to find your article published in such a high profile magazine. You ought to have lots of new devotees dropping by soon!

Hmmm. A turkey foot candleholder you say? Now THAT'S handy! Though, Pops is right. This set of steer horns would look BEAUTIFUL on the front of the station wagon. Maybe I could get a fake tail to hang out of the wagon hatch in the back!

Mindy, thanks. They asked to contribute something and they were a pleasure to work with. We haven't seen it yet though, and we don't know which of the final drafts made it in :)

No ststion wagon. Must be a Cadillac with a Texas license plate.. POPS --30--


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