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These are NOT quite after, because there are some details still missing. But it came to my attention that I had not posted any photos of the master bathroom since we've moved upstairs. Probably because Miss Grace showed up early and I never got around to it. And then, I forgot. Please forgive me.

If you don't remember what the master bath looked like BEFORE we worked on it, here is something to jog your memory.


Here are the rest of the BEFORE photos. Click on the pictures in this old entry to make them larger.

I started to take some artsy, close-up photos and then quickly realized that I hadn't deep-cleaned the bathroom this week. So, um, you'll get the artsy close-ups later. These are the less artsy, FAR AWAY photos. That don't show the water spots.





I KNOW! Crazy different, isn't it? Who knew it could possibly look so good??? Seriously?

Big props to the winner of our Open Source Bathroom contest, Kristen from the American Bungalow Forum. She came up with the layout. We also drew inspiration from Diane's Divine Bath (another AB Forum participant). I think there was also something from a page out of a Pottery Barn book and catalog as well.

I love taking showers in here. Love it. All of that natural light and steam. I try not to think about how it reminds SOME people (remaining nameless) of a sixties go-go dancer booth.

Grace has a big fan of the tub since Day One. That probably goes without saying. (Look how little she used to be!!! Awhhh...)


Anyway, here are some of the materials we used to put this thing together:

Paint - Restoration Hardware Atmosphere Blue

Subway tile - American Olean Greenwich Village in Designer White

Floor tile - American Olean unglazed ceramic hex tile in white and unglazed ceramic mosaic tile in midnight blue

Tub - Salvage

Built-in cabinet - Salvage, original to the room

Beveled mirror glass for built-in - Clark and Devon Hardware

Medicine Cabinet - Van Dykes

Toilet and Sink - Kohler Memoirs

Lighting above sink - Discontinued Pottery Barn Sconces from eBay

Lighting next to built-in cabinet - Rejuvenation Detroit sconce in brushed nickel

Faucet, sink and shower handles - Chicago Faucets, in these styles

Showerhead - Downpour showerhead with adjustable arm

Tub Faucet - Clawfoot Supply three-ball legtub faucet with gooseneck spout

Beadboard and trim - Stock pieces from Lee Lumber

Outlet covers and switchplates - Restoration Hardware Aluminum (Wow. They used to be HALF this price or even less!)

I think that covers it, unless you see anything in there that I didn't mention.

I don't miss turning on the shower with a wrench. Nope. Not at all.

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Wow! It looks fantastic! I know you guys must be excited! Love the cabinet!

It looks great, were did you get your shower glass & door?

WOW. Fantastic. I love how the blue/white/black turned out, it definitely reminds me of something straight out of Pottery Barn's catalogs. Only better, since your's comes complete with an adorable naked baby ;)

The Greenwich Village subway tile is great. Wish we'd had the budget for it, I have always loved subway tile and watching Greg put his up has made me covet them even more.

Forgot about that! It was some custom glass procured and installed for us by Paul McCreedy. He also did the tile. The room was crooked and he helped to make it look square :)

The shower glass and door were custom cut and installed by our friend Paul McCreedy

Aw, shucks (head down, toeing the dirt with my shoe) thanks for the props. It's gorgeous and I'm glad it all worked out! Now if I could just find a solution for my own bathroom ... (it's always much more fun to work on other people's projects!)

Did the GV tile have any texture, or just flat? We're trying to decide whether or not to spend the extra money to get a matte finish tile. Found an inexpensive subway tile at home depot, but they don't carry it worth the difference?

Hi Taylor--

Ahhhh. Real subway tile. Nothing really like it. We had the real thing in both bathrooms of our vintage 1929 condo (before this house). Square edges. Hardly any grout line. Matte finish. Gorgeous.

The GV is not a true reproduction. It is shiny. It has rounded edges. It is pretty in its own way. But it doesn't look like the real thing.

However. We weighed the pluses and minuses of whether to pay the big bucks for the real thing or not. We had a strict budget limit for the project. Going with authentic tile would have meant no shower. So, it was a fine trade off. The GV fit in with the design aesthetic and stayed within the budget. And we got to have a tub AND shower. It all depends upon what you have the budget for and what you are willing to trade off for it.

But, yeah. Real subway tile is pretty dang cool.

Thanks for the comments. Ive found a pretty cheap matte finish tile, that's not "real" subway tile, as it does have the rounded edges, but Im trying to decide if its worth upgrading from $1.65/sf to $3.00/sf to get the matte. The shower is small, and we're not doing the subway anywhere else, so we might go for it.

Another question, what did you do for grout color? It looks beautiful!!! We had the hexagonal tiles in our last place in San Francisco, and the white grout was hard to keep clean, but looked good when it was clean. Any ideas? Ive read a few other blogs that talk about specific brands of grout being better for you know?

Thanks so much!!!

We just went with grey grout and embraced the dirt :) The grey made the tiles "pop" which was the look we were going for and I love it.

Nora will grow to love the tub. We hope.

Ooooo, that is nice. I almost wish my bathroom had looked as awful as yours did to begin with. I might have done something with it by now.

How did you manage to find a salvage clawfoot tub? I'm leaning that way, if I can get a five footer.

Hi Kate--We let it be known to a few friends who work on old houses that we were looking and this one turned up in an old house that was being renovated. It was in pretty sorry shape when we got it, which explained the $50 price tag.

This looks great. We are in the middle of a bathroom remodel and are using pretty much the same materials.

Did you seal you unglazed floor tile?

Ours seems to hold scuffs and scratches.

Hi Curtis--

We didn't seal the floor tile in the room, though we did seal the shower floor. We don't use hard-soled shoes in that room and we clean up the unglazed tile with the Magic Eraser (which works really well!)

Jeannie and Aaron - What a wonderful bathroom! I was wondering if you might be able to advise who sandblasted your bathroom radiator. I can't seem to locate someone that can do that. We dont live to far from you. I will likley paint my radiator the same gray that it is now.

Thanks so much for your time!

Mark Penning

Hi Mark, we used Ace Sandblasting and documented our experience here.


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