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I still haven't taken the close up photos that I WANTED to, which would have required an all night scrubbing marathon of the master bathroom. And I'm still feeling pokey from my tango (salsa? mambo?) with food poisoning, so that will have to wait.

However. I did take a few snaps after Grace went down for a nap because I realized that my white balance was all off in the previous "far away" photographs of the almost finished master bath. And that made the color all wrong. The tiles on the floor are not black, they are actually a very cool grayish blue. Hopefully, the color easier to see in this photo?


I really sweated over choosing the color of this tile. The color is a darker hue of the original accent tiles in the downstairs bath, the tiles that couldn't be saved because they had been slathered in tar and covered in vinyl. I've never used a lot of blue in my decorating schemes and, if I hated it, too bad. Because once it was set into the tile, it was mine forever. (Gulp!) I considered a lovely "fern green" accent tile, but everything I touch ends up to be green or brown so I decided I had to break out of my rut.

With Aaron's blessing, we went for it and I was really pleased with how it turned out.


Here are some other fun details:





These tub line knobs for the clawfoot tub are pretty as well as functional. Now that Miss Grace is learning to push levers and open things, I can firmly turn off the hot water to the tub and even slip a baby proof door knob cover over the hot water knob to prevent her from accidentally turning on the tub faucet.

Because when you add PRETTY to USEFUL, it makes PRETTY USEFUL . And that is my bungalow mantra. It should look nice AND have a purpose.

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Very nice!!

The bathroom looks great. I love the blue tile! And the cabinet in your bathroom.

I have a very similar blue tile border in my master bath, though mine is set in sort of a meander pattern. I love your combination of square and hex tiles.

Your bath details look great! We love the tile design and work. Can you possibly pm me as to where you got your tile, and if you had someone install, who it was? Thanks,


Same question as Mark's... where'd you find the snazzy tile? Looks great!

Tile from American Olean unglazed ceramics...the white 1" hex tile and the midnight blue 1" square.


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