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I can't sleep so I'm amusing myself by scanning some ephemera found in the house. I am so fascinated by the fonts and the copy. The mark of a true "paper geek".

This is a more pleasant ad for Wellsworth Glasses than their "Death At The Steering Wheel" Ad. Say that out loud. Can you say it normally? Because when I say it, I have to make my voice very serious and loud and very much like an old time radio announcer. Thank goodness everyone else is asleep right now!


"Adolph Stabler, Umbrella Hospital"...this location seems to be a consignment shop these days. Oh where will we take our sick umbrellas now?!


This laundry company was replaced by Sheil Park in the 1970's. Pity, because that is an excellent price for laundry.


The Milwaukee Solvay Coke Plant looks a bit neglected today. But the area surrounding it still sees plenty of action since it is an EPA Cleanup Site! June all winter? How's that global warming coming along?


Oh no. Oh no. I just had to Google "kumyss", didn't I? Because I thought, "Hey! Great for nervous fatigue? This stuff sounds great! Where can I get some?" Do you know what kumyss is? Fermented mares milk. Someone out there is thinking, "Don't knock it 'til you try it." But I think I will pass. Thanks. But if you'd like to make your own 1915 kumyss recipe, American-Style? Here you go. Let me know how it turns out.


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The umbrella hospital one is interesting, as I was just having that thought as I walked into the building this morning. It's pouring here in Li'l Rhody and I noticed that one of the metal arms is sticking out on my umbrella. Here was my stream of consciousness thought: I'll have to see if I can fix that. I wonder if there were ever places that repaired umbrellas like cobblers repair shoes. People wouldn't bother with something like that now anyway, they'd just throw them away and buy new ones. Stupid disposable society. I wonder how many busted umbrellas are in our landfill ...
Sad, but true. I wish I hadn't quit coffee; I apparently could use some right now.

I am totally in love with Adolph Stabler's name font. And the Kumyss font, too. I wonder if those fonts are in production. I guess I'm a huge dork too, lol!

Wet wash? As opposed to dry wash?

I feel a meme coming on -- my favorite foodblogger recently posted about horse milk he nearly bought by accident in a Paris market:


I'd rather go to the Umbrella Hospital...

Great feature on ephemera. I try to feature interesting items on my blog which is dedicated to ephemera collecting.


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