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This is for Jamaila who is as much of a font geek as I am. Here is a book that I found in the house.

60 Alphabets by The Hunt Brothers. 1930.


Back when type was set by hand...totally old school and way cool.



It is what it says it is. A book of 60 alphabets.



If you are completely geeking right now, you'll want to read the intro to this book. I'll try to up expanding thumbnails of those pages right here by tonight.

Right now, I have to rescue the baby as she has learned to turn on the television and Teletubbies is on. Um, no. That is not allowed.

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Eeee! I love it!! I am totally geeking, it's true. I like that tall skinny art deco-y one. And the one with the dots in the middle! And the third one!

I'm jealous, all we ever find are creepy Easter decorations and pool brochures.

That is really cool. I'd be torn between keeping it whole and tearing out pages to frame. Probably would end up scanning in some pages and then framing the output. Please do upload the intro if you can.

And is it the fact that Grace is turning on the TV or the fact that it's the Teletubbies that's the problem?

(pink: Both. She's a little button pusher, our Grace.)

I've got the intro scanned, later on today I'll try to figure out how to upload it so the file isn't so large. If you want any of the originals of the scanned pages up there, shoot me a note.

Hi, I am in LOVE with that book! I am a letterpress printer/graphic designer in CA (who also has a link to your blog because my husband and I are building a bungalow). I will pay you money for the book itself or high-resolution scans of all its pages on a CD.

Is this something you would consider?

Hi Lynnerd! I sent an email to your account...let me know if you don't get it.

I have an ex-library copy of the same book. I figured I could do scans and use the fonts.
Nice site. We have an old house web site also - about our country house in Tennessee. You should find the link under my name.


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