Weather Drives Project Plans

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I'm sure that some people (hi mom!) are wondering what we're up to these days and if we've gotten any work done on the fireplace. Um, no. Once the weather became sunny, we quickly switched gears to take advantage of it.

We're on track to finishing the wood window restoration project and we also plan on painting the exterior of the house this summer. What is that saying? Make hay while the sun shines? Ours is now take windows out of the frames when the temperature is well above freezing. Almost four years into this project and we've learned THAT at least.


I'll be covering the windows project as we go. This will include a description of what we are doing in regards to the lead paint issue. In every post about the windows project, there will be a new standard disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: I cannot advise you on how to work with lead paint. If you suspect that you have lead paint, you need to work with a lead abatement specialist or your local department of public health. Get the advice of professionals. I am not a professional. Although I will describe how we worked on this project, you should seek professional advice on YOUR project. Please. Pretty please. It's a health and safety issue. Serious stuff.

Hopefully we'll be able to get back indoors to the fireplace surround in a couple of months. And replace the ceiling in the living room. And be able to use the front door again. And I'll get to address the storm window/screen window combo thing. Yes, all of those would be nice to have. Sigh.

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Are you planning on painting to trim or the trim and stucco? From everything I have been told you should not paint stucco, as it causes moisture to get trapped inside the stucco/concrete mixture and could cause mold (yuch!)and rotting in your walls. ( I guess it needs to "breathe"!) If you want to change the color, you need to have an additional skim coat put on in the new color.
Love the blog
Grace is adorable!

C--yes, exactly! Thanks, I should clarify. We're only painting the trim. We plan on limewashing the stucco at some point. Lime wash can add a soft color while allowing the stucco to breathe.


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