Forgotten Film and Photos of "Before"...the Master Bath

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I forget what I was searching for when I stumbled upon these old movie clips that we took of the HouseinProgress right before we closed on it. I think we took these during the day of the inspection while an architect friend of ours was giving us his opinion on the house.

Since I posted the After shots of this bathroom here and here recently, I had forgotten just how bad it was when we first saw it. What potential did we ever see in this place? Really? Because looking at this video, my first impulse is to run screaming in horror.

Here are some long forgotten still photos just in case you didn't catch all of that:


The moldy, laminate shower surround.


The metal shelving with all of the boxes and stuff being stored in there.


The textured, filthy vinyl floor over plywood.


The built-in buried under layers of brown paint. The wallpaper that covered the doors.


The water damaged ceilings.


The pink! How could I forget to point out the pink.


The closet where we found all sorts of mouse poop.


And this really crazy spackle job that attempted (poorly) to fix a hole in the wall. Not enough spackle? Just throw the bag in there! This was our first glimpse into how repairs had been handled in the past all over the house.


What were we thinking? Really? These photos just prove that we were completely out of our minds.

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Holy Crap! The pink was bad enough, but with the blue ceiling, it makes me nauseous just looking at. I'm serious. It's hard to believe it's the same space.

And the sparkle job.....Holy Crap! again.

You are now looking at the old bathroom through the eyes of a mom.

You wouldn't dream of staying if you had already had Grace in your lives. was different then.

Wow! I recently moved into my "new" old house. It is an old townhouse that has not been treated terribly well over the years, but still somehow has a lot of incredible detail. Everyone who looked at it thought I was insane, because it was filthy and dingy and pretty disgusting. But that bathroom makes it look downright delightful! I cannot believe your new bathroom is in that same space. Your bathroom is absolutely gorgeous.

It's amazing what you can overlook when you fall in love with a house... Thankfully, we had no idea what we were getting into, since all of the scary parts were covered by wallpaper, paneling, and ceiling tiles. Looking at those pictures must make you very proud of what you've accomplished so far. Keep it up!


You two are amazing. I check your blog all of the time and I've seen pictures of your beautiful bathroom before, but it's so great to see it next to the "before"!


Kindest Regards,


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