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I'm obviously having too much fun with iMovie since my parents are in town and playing with Miss Grace. I'm taking a break from the much talked about, hardly blogged about windows project. I promise I'll write that up soon.

In the meantime, here are the before and after videos of the first floor bathroom. This is the first room we ever finished in the house. I used to go in here and close the door when the rest of the house became SO overwhelming. Just to remind myself that the rest of the house would be nice. Eventually. Maybe. If not, at least I had a nice bathroom.

Video after the jump

The marble windowsill is for Greg at Petch House. The latch is not on the medicine cabinet right now because I am fixing it and haven't replaced it. Our early readers voted on the tile design for the bathroom.

We had to replace the floor tile when the original stuff couldn't be saved. We were going to use unglazed hex, but because of high traffic and budget, we went with the glazed tile. More sensible, I know, but unglazed would have been cool...if I didn't have to clean it.

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Aren't videos fun?

I didn't even see the first line of the next paragraph. When I was looking at the video I was saying to myself, "Pull the curtain back! Pull the curtian back!" and then I was like, "Wait, did I just hear my name?"

Hee! I thought of your videos when I was making the new one. I was actually thinking, "Greg will be so disappointed if I don't pull this curtain back."

The bathroom looks beautiful, I enjoyed the video!


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