The Forgotten Film of the Upstairs Bedrooms

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Yep. Still more forgotten film. This time of the upstairs bedrooms and hallway. Unfortunately (or fortunately), YouTube does not allow you to smell the "before" version. Or taste the dust on your front teeth. Or hear the pitter patter of little raccoon feet in the attic above.

But you sort of get the idea.

The closet units and paper sconces are from IKEA. We might build custom built-ins up there someday when we have more time.

The bed was a wedding gift, except for the mattress which was a desperation purchase. Both from Room and Board.

I know, I know. I haven't built the interior windows for the hallway. But I did restore the original 94 year old wood windows in the master bedroom. The skylights are Velux.

And there is no art on the walls, though I have tons of choices for what to hang. I just can't decide.

The rug is a deeply discounted floor model from Chrome Yellow in Chicago. The night tables are garage sale finds. The desk is a Craigslist score ($15!) and the Aeron chair is from a company that I worked for that had a really bad business model and perished in the dot com crash of Aught-One.

We borrowed the crib in Grace's room (thanks Dave and Carol!) The dresser was a custom piece built for me by Cassona (back when I was single and had more cash, but it was still pretty cheap for a design drawn on a napkin). The armoire is borrowed from Grace's Aunt Kjerstin. The rocker was a Christmas gift from our Secret Santa (it's a discontinued Room and Board rocker.) The art in Grace's room is Paper Source paper in Target frames. And the rug is from Target.

The red oak trim is all original and was refinished with shellac. Aaron's big project last summer :)

I love our upstairs retreat. I just wish it hadn't taken three years to finish it!

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That's one good thing about the dot com crash, was the new fancy furniture given away. I have 2 Aeron chairs from a company a friend worked for.


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