(Growing Accustomed to) Robert Downey Jr's Furry Face

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During a late night, couch-sitting, laptop-typing session after the baby was asleep (I know, we're just fools in love, aren't we?), we finally rented Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus. We didn't really care about the story (I think Arbus was a very imaginative photographer, this movie is not about her real life), we just wanted to see if that weird medical device we sold to Peter Gelfman back in 2005 ever made it into the film.

Perhaps you remember the Western Reserve Portable Resuscitator, Oxygen Inhalator and Anesthesia Machine from 1955? It was in our basement. It came with the house.

Imagine our excitement when one hour into the movie,we caught a glimpse of this:


Yes! Do you see it? Do you see it? That is the air-bag thingy from the resuscitator! And it's in HOLLYWOOD BAY-BEEE! All of that funky tubing? I'm not sure where that came from. My guess is that they added it for effect, because the original device wasn't sexy enough or something.


And then, and then. This.


That's the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece that I had held in my hand. The mouthpiece pressed up against Robert Downey Jr's furry face. Of course, that and sixty-one nickels would buy me a tall latte at the local big coffee chain.


But if I ever meet up with Robert Downey Jr, at least I'll have something to talk about. Since that is soooooo likely to happen.

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That's very cool!

Too funny. I am amazed at the things people leave behind, it makes for a great story:-)

Robert you were great in Fur. You are just great in any movie you do. It is always nice to see you. Take care


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