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Every year we go on two family vacations. One with Aaron's family and one to visit my family. Both families are very generous and go to great lengths to lure us away from the House Where To Do Lists Go To Die. In March, my parents lured us to Florida. At the end of June, Aaron's parents lured us back to the Pacific Northwest. It also helped that we got to see many of the "grands" from Aaron's mom's side of the family, as well as Grace's newest cousin.



In typical overachiever fashion, I set the date of our departure as the date to wrap up the windows project. Because, hey. Nothing says, "Come on in and steal our television!" like big holes in your house covered in plastic while mail is piling up on your front porch.


I had kind of alluded to this race to the finish in the last few blog entries that I made before I hid out in the basement with DAP-covered fingers, sniffing freshly mixed shellac and dreaming of the summer days outside of the back door. I flailed around down there until the afternoon that we caught a plane for Seattle and managed to get within six windows of my goal. Window glazing can only cure so fast. With Aaron's help, I threw the unfinished units back into the frames, often with only a nail or two keeping them in place, and thanked my stars that our house still looks ugly enough to discourage anyone who would desperately want our collection of Elmo DVD's.

So we left, got together with family, met the latest cousin, had some adventures in Seattle (which we'll blog about next), and came back to Sweet Home Chicago.

In the meantime, the house took out its wrath on us by flooding the basement. Turns out, while we were gone, Chicago had this freak rainstorm where six inches of rain were dumped within 45 minutes. Not a tremendous amount of damage. Just some laundry that was in the bottom of the standing hamper, a few magazines in a box, some things that won't be missed.

The house does not like to be blown off. Even for a week. Next time, we'll have to sneak out a little more quietly.

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Hey! Welcome back. I was beginning to wonder what happened.

Congratulations on your new niece! Sorry to hear about the flooding. We got 6" of rain and backed up sewage in our basement as well during the rain storm (YUCK). Can't wait to read about Seattle, too (one of my favorite cities).


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