Getting the Lead Out...Step 1

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Well, the real Step One involved lots of hyperventilating and false starts and panic attacks.

So, the next step was to take the windows out, a room at a time, and take them offsite to be stripped down. All the way down. No paint on them. At all. Anywhere.

Before I had Grace, I stripped all wood onsite and disposed of the waste myself. Now, with a toddler around the house, I didn't want to lie awake at night and wonder if I had washed all of the lead chips out of my hair. Some things are worth the peace of mind.

So, we prepped each room according to the instructions from the City. Cleared it out ten feet out in every direction where we could.



And used the Zipwall when we couldn't.


We created a room within a room, essentially. Think operating theater. Or, probably more illustrative, E.T.


Then, on with the old clothing and covering up the shoes with little shoe covers. Not shown is the LOVELY full body paper overalls. Which immediately plunged me back into memories of this. And, hey. Why am I ALWAYS THE ONE WHO IS DRESSED LIKE THIS? And Aaron is the one with the camera?



The windows were then taken out and wrapped in 6 mil plastic and duct tape.


So they could be hauled down to our favorite...stripper! I'll do a story about them next.

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The windows are beautiful. The peace of mind is worth any price. Just think how nice it will be to pick up the windows, completely paint free!

So you have someone else strip the windows? I'm curious as to the cost of paying someone else if that's what you're doing.

But if you are stripping them yourself, what product are you using? I'm stripping my stairs soon and am looking for recommendations...I've heard 3M's Safest Stripper is good...Thanks!


yup. I used to do the stripping myself before Grace using the SPR and a water mister (the wet scrape method) or Citristrip. Occasionally, I'd pull out the big guns (Peel Away) but that is expensive so I'd save it for more serious stripping.

But now that Grace is around and we are in tight quarters that wouldn't allow for easy dust containment during stripping, I'm sending these bad boy sashes offsite just to be on the safe side. I'll address cost in my post about it.

(Trissa, I've got some finished ones in and, dare I say it, they are GLORIOUS!)


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