What is this? Russian?

Category: What on Earth!?

Found this (in the house, natch.)


It's tiny. It's a pin. It looks like Russian letters but I'm not entirely sure.


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it looks like it could be a rendering of a stamp. possibly russian.

then again, the cupola also looks to me like the one atop nyvall hall, so what do i know?

Yes, it's Russian. It says "Magadan" (a city in the Russian Far East). The "60" probably refers to the 60th birthday of the city, which was either in 1993 or 1999. (Magadan was founded in 1933, but not granted the title of city until 1939.)

My coworker says it is Magadan. Apparently it is a very cold, miserable, and isolated place in NE Russia.

Yes, it is Russian.

Peter and amanda are correct on what it says.

I gots lotsa pins like this.

Interesting! I took two years of Russian in college, so I could read it, but I had no idea what Magadan was. My husband and I have spent some time in Ukraine the past several years, but have never strayed into Russia, and certainly not the remote northeast! I wonder how it got to be in your house?

Yes, Russian. They use a Cyrillic alphabet. Its very difficult to decipher, especially when one is traveling in Russia or trying to learn the language. We ended up learning Russian phonics and what I like to call "toddler Russian".

It probably got there because a construction worker left it there. We have several items like that.

(ann-marie--I thought it WAS Nyvall Hall at first. Glad I wasn't the only one.)

Thanks all! I think that the previous owners must have traveled to Russia. They traveled everywhere else...including Antarctica. This is probably from one of their trips. Interesting geography lesson for me :)

Since it's Russian, perhaps the pin was traded during the Olympics? Swapping/collecting pins from other countries is a big hobby.

Interesting layout on your blog. I really enjoyed reading it and also I will be back to read more in the future.


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