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Found while cleaning out the woodshop today. These were left by the previous owners.


I love vintage advertising. I love old fonts. And I love the word Shinola.


Also pictured: Venetian Shoe Cream (they still make it!), Omega Shoe Wax and Meltonian Shoe Polish (also still made!)

(Meltonian also seems to be a secret weapon of book repairers. See?)

Meanwhile, treat yourself to a history of the humble shoe polish, including its involvement in World War II. Try out a recipe for homemade shoe polish. Shine your wooden furniture with shoe polish.

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I love, love, love old tins. So cool. I think my favorite is the Shinola - great font and color. Thanks for sharing!

That's so weird! I've never heard the word "shinola" in my life before today and I've heard it twice now in the last two hours. Is this some kind of sign?

Love the finds as well!

My Dad used to use Shinola shoe polish. He was a Cpl. in the Army in WWII - his clothes might have been worn around the edges at times, but you could practically see your face in his shoes! I, too, have a love of things from long ago.

This is a strange question, but is there any polish left and if so, are you going to try it?

Good thing you know what Shinola is. Accept no substitutes!

Funny, I have used Shinola in my lifetime. It was great stuff. HA-HA

Reminds me of one of my grandpa's old sayings - "He don't know s**t from Shinola"..

We found a Shinola can in our house too! Although ours was just the top. Someone had plastered over a fireplace a long time ago (with horse hair plaster) and we opened it back up. It was in the firebox with a bunch of rubble, including the broken decorative tiles. It was one of the only cool old things we've found in our house. We tried to figure out the date they covered up the fireplace (and why) but it is hard to tell. Oh the never ending mysteries...will we ever solve them?!?!

Shinola was the mainstay in my army. POPS --30--

Shinola, cont'd. I should have added, best used with a small portion of SPIT(not s**t).... POPS --30--

On an episode of some HGTV show, maybe “Walls Could Talk,” an appraiser/expert said many fireplaces were removed/covered over after central heating was installed in a house. Fireplaces were then thought of as gauche in the “modern society.”

Funny how a sign of affluence today is… a fireplace!

For those of you who like vintage products, signs, etc., be sure to check out James Lileks is a writer for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and has assembled an amazing website along with his daily "Bleat." You will not be disappointed.

i love that you are documenting your finds! what do you plan to do with them all?

I have never heard of Shinola. Must be good if we are to "accept no substitutes" as nick says.

It amazes me that you continue to unearth items in your's like a perpetual treasure hunt, don't you think?


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