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I visited a lonely corner of the basement today and found this.


A little wooden box filled with a child's forgotten stamp collection. It isn't very looks like it is from the late 1950s or early 1960s.

I used to collect stamps as a child, too. Mostly to try and satisfy the wanderlust that I could not fulfill myself by dreaming over these little traveling stickers.


I didn't care as much about the value or condition of each stamp. I treasured the illustrations, the names of the countries, the mysterious of them. This was my downfall as a stamp collector. I collected absolutely nothing of value to the philately community.




It looks like this child also collected nothing of value, perhaps. So we won't be financing the replacement of the living room ceiling with a stamp.

But they are still fun to look at!

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I like the envelope, my wife is from Indonesia. Great find!!

I used to be the same sort of stamp collector as a kid. Now my 11 yr old collects stamps and is forever lamenting the fact that no one mails us things from far away.

Wow. That stamp from Madagascar is cool. I used to collect stamps from all over the world, too. I had a cookie tin full of stamps. I lost them when I became homeless and often wonder what happened to them. I think I had closet o 500 stamps in that tin, collect from age 5 - 22.

That's pretty cool.

When I was a kid I would day dream about finding something like that a kid years before me hid in a wall.

Never found anything cool like that though.

Interesting layout on your blog. I really enjoyed reading it and also I will be back to read more in the future.


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