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The previous owners didn't leave much furniture in the house. And because the furniture was the only thing that the estate sale people could identify among all of the cardboard boxes of stuff, they grabbed the all of the furniture and left all of the boxes of crap vintage treasures behind.

Today, Grace and I played around with the only furniture left behind in the house. The dollhouse furniture.


We are playing with it near the sink because it had to be washed numerous times in a frantic attempt to get the decades of oily dirt scrubbed off of it.


Disgusting oily dirt which used to coat everything in this house and which we have scrubbed off of the walls, the floors, the ceilings, the windows, the radiators and all items left within the four walls of the house.


I had a couple of doll houses when I was small and collected quite a bit of wooden furniture. I'm no Jenny Lawson* (because who is THAT creative???), but I was pretty gung-ho and made quite a few pieces myself.

* If you are unfamiliar with Jenny Lawson, here is a little sample of her blogging. She's hilarious. Okay, moving on...

This doll house furniture was manufactured by Ideal and Marx in colored plastic, and was sold in the late 1940's and early 1950's. (Here is a detailed description of the furniture I've found in here.) Back then, it was probably considered "contemporary". Nowadays, it would be considered mid-century modern with some pieces of Colonial Revival, French Provincial and early Creepy Baby thrown in.


See? I wasn't kidding about the creepy baby.

p.s. Interested in the history of doll houses? Start here.

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Dude. I was just about to say "Oh my goodness! That's Ideal and Marx furniture! Some of that is quite collectible!" and then I see that you already know that and even linked to me. You are so sweet!


Your blog ate part of my comment.

Dude, that baby IS creepy.

But the rest of the furniture is really cool.

Very interesting stuff. I found this on Google and will come back again!


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