Basement: The (Next to) Last Frontier


It's one of the last rooms in the house that we hadn't touched already. And it's enormous.


The pictures up there only show half of it. The basement has an eight foot (or so) ceiling It is about 40 feet long and 22 feet wide which is just CRAZY large. Larger than most condos and some houses. If you think about it, right above it are two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a dining room and a living room. Enough room to do something pretty fun eventually. It just looked incredibly small because of all of the crazy stuff packed in there when we bought the place. Some of which is still there.


But the living room is still unfinished! So why in the world did we demo half of the basement now?

In the best of all worlds, there wouldn't have been anything in the house when we bought it and we would have been able to demo the basement immediately. Why? Because when you are updating electrical and plumbing and so forth, it is easier and cheaper if you are not having to mess around with a basement ceiling. So far, we have acted surgically when portions of the ceiling needed to be removed. And some portions have fallen down on their own.


Now that we are doing a LOT more work under the dining room and living room, it's time. Now that we are going to be getting a new washer and dryer (thanks Mom and Dad), it's time. It's time for the basement to be more work-friendly.

So Aaron sealed off half of the basement from the rest of the house and went at it this weekend. Boom! Ceiling bye-bye.


We rigged up a portable humidifier in there to keep the dust down (it worked relatively well but there was still some dust!) and we were able to contain the mess nicely.

Except for Aaron. Even goggles and a face mask couldn't save Aaron.

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Was your basement finished when the house was built? Just wondering, because of the plaster ceiling. I think our basement was little more than a coal cellar, there's a coal door on the front of the house, and I know there was a coal furnace as well. 8' ceilings are good, ours are only 7', the basement is only half underground, so there's lots of light though.

What a great basement! Ours is pretty little, I only wish it were as big as yours and with such nice high ceilings too.

The photo of Aaron is funny! Poor guy.

I took that EXACT SAME PICTURE of Don last week after he'd taken down half the ceiling in the master bedroom!

Yeah - your new stacked washer and dryer!! I loved that post!! (YOU get a humpback whale...and YOU get a humpback whale!!)

I can't stop giggling when I remember that. Thanks for posting that link!

What great potential (and storage area)! It will help a lot to be able to access pipes and stuff. Great photo Aaron- did Grace see you like that & how did she react?

I see a very nice (and large) workshop in your future.

Your joist, at least the one in that picture, looks very dark. Do you know the species of wood they are? Or why they're so dark?

Wow, amazing blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy.


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