Dead Mouse or....?

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I had to take apart the old dryer the other day (don't ask) and found this underneath it.


In the dark corner and covered with plaster dust and lint, it looked like a flattened, dead mouse. (And is it at all surprising that I know what a flattened, dead mouse looks like? No, it shouldn't be.)

Instead, it is a...

...kind of creepy, tiny leather glove. A kid-sized kid glove, if you will.

deadmouseglove1.jpg deadmouseglove2.jpg

Ewww. Gross.

In rummaging around for something else related to my little side project, I also came across a brown paper wrapped parcel. Inside of it were six items. All with the some variation of THIS character on it:


Would anyone like to take a guess as to the contents of the brown paper wrapped parcel? And if you guess it from this funky character logo, you WILL get a prize because this is pretty obscure.

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That gloves looks like a ladies from the 40's. The big buttons. But if it was underneath your dryer then it probably fell back there since the time you had your house. Still interesting. Have no clue on the comic character but I assume you've figured it out.

Tobacco? I'm only guessing, because we found a treasure trove of old tobacco cans in our own basement a couple of weeks ago.

I am gonna guess...some kind of alka seltzer type product.
I also think that is a ladies glove. Maybe the leather shrank (shrunk?)over the years??

That looks like one sick puppy. Maybe it is a logo for some sort of Alka Seltzer type product?

Wild guesses, but I say either an air sickness bag of some kind or a "doggie bag" with old leftovers left inside. Both pretty gross guesses, sorry! ;oP

The dog is underwater, so maybe it's for nose plugs or something. Can't wait to know what it's really for.

Hey - OJ's glove!!

How about something dealing with getting rid of fleas.....


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