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While the departure date of our yearly vacation with my parents loomed large, Aaron and I whipped together a list of things that needed to be completed before we left.

For the house, this included stripping the remaining woodwork (door jambs, trim in the sunroom) and finishing it off by rubbing it with denatured alcohol and steel wool. Tracking down the window order for the windows, the tile order for the fireplace, the electricians for installing the remaining electrical, etcetera. Why the hurry?

We decided to give in and have our friend and co-conspirator, T.K., do his carpentry magic while we were on vacation. After two years of chasing a toddler away from the power tools, progress on the house had slowed to a painful crawl and we were tired of not having a living room. Or a front door. Or a guest room.

We were so organized, so thoughtful. We had it all planned out. We lined up babysitters for Grace so we could get all of this done. We gathered up the materials we needed. We PREPARED.

And then Grace got the World's Worst Stomach Flu. And then she gave it to me. Then to Aaron. So, there was much throwy-uppiness. And much stomach crampiness. And nothing on our list got done.

We accomplished only one thing before getting on the plane for vacation: stuffing all of the furniture and items that would usually be in three rooms into ONE room. Except for the piano and the couch.

In the home improvement world, this is called Furniture Tetris. And we have become MASTERS at it. We are the Jedi of Furniture Tetris.

Behold our awesome powers.


See Mom? Those long hours of playing goofy video games finally came in handy!

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Okay, this post makes it official. I absolutely love you.

Tetris is the ONLY game I was ever able to play and it has paid for itself time and time again when packing a Uhaul or storing a home's worth of furnture in somebody's basement...

After almost 4 years of having installed your hi velocity cooling system, was the investment worth it? Am thinking of the Space Pak system for my older home. Any comments?



P.S. I just happened upon your website today, even though I do realize today's diary entry is about home improvement tetris.

Now THAT'S funny. Sorry to hear you guys had "the plague" as well. I had flu followed by bronchitis but somehow it escaped my wife and daughter - thank God.

Nice!! Great Ifo. Great People. Great Blog. Thank you for all the great sharing that is being done here.


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