Scenes from the Rebirth of the Living/Dining Room

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A stripped window sill. I'm sure it has been decades since this wood grain has seen the light of day.


The new view from the dining room into the living room. French doors used to be between these two rooms. How do we know that, you ask?


When we stripped door jamb where the interior French doors used to be, we found the spaces where the hinges used to be. And the strikes in the floor and overhead jamb where previous owners filled the holes with plaster and painted them over. This makes me sad.

strike1.jpg strike2.jpg

I used to wonder what it would look like when the trim that used to be around the top of the rooms was finally back in place. I don't have to wonder any more. Well, except to wonder why on earth they would have taken it down to begin with!


This was from a day earlier when T.K. began to take down the barrier between the dining room and living room. I got my first peek at what the view would be from the dining room into the living room. And it was everything I dreamed it could be. It was difficult to remember what it looked like before. Probably because my brain is trying to shield me from remembering the trauma.


Oh, yes. Right. This is how is used to look. Incredible.


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go to the library and look thru magazines such as home and garden, good housekeeping and you will discover why they changed it. all I can say is it is so so pretty but now for the fun, what color??????

Fabulous! How exciting!

Will you be re-installing the original stained-glass windows near the fireplace?

Wow! You've been busy. No wonder we haven't seen you and Grace lately. So when's the big party?

I looks like you're missing the door at the bottom of the stairs also. Did you have extras in the basement?

WOW!!! This is amazing. I cannot wait to see the art glass windows, the warms colors on the walls, the votives on the mantle, and the Christmas tree in the corner.

You so deserve this. If the National Trust for Historic Preservation still gives out the Renovation of the Year, you would be a shoo in.

It looks fabulous! Congratulations! :-)

Thanks everyone! Norma--color coming soon! Lisa -- We'll be hanging the cleaned up stained glass windows (the originals) in front of these new windows. They were too delicate to reinstall and expose to the exterior. Jane -- PARTY COMING SOON! Ryan -- We do have that door. We took it off to be stripped and to be able to refinish the floor all the way to the bottom step. Deb -- Thanks. But I don't think we'll qualify until we're completely done with this house. In 2014, on her 100th birthday. Stephanie -- Thanks! Especially since you know my pain :)


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