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In our neighborhood, it's sometimes known as the house that everybody wants to live in. It is a clever, beautiful house. And we're enjoying our temporary stay here. (Don't worry, MorMor and FarFar. We will move out. Eventually. I promise.)


The previous owners of the house put a delightful addition on the back of it. The front is a Tudor-revival bungalow. And the back of the house is delightfully Scandinavian Modern-ish.


Normally, an addition that isn't within the style of the original house would have me cringing, but this addition fits the house perfectly. Probably because the common elements of the bungalow philosophy (bringing the outdoors in, making the most of small spaces, using nooks and design to create a sense of coziness, using different levels of ceilings and floors, painting with light through the placement of windows, using natural materials) were followed, intentionally or not.


The house has two staircases. The original bungalow staircase in the front of the house. The other is a circular staircase located within the addition next to the formerly exterior brick wall of the house. I love this staircase. It brings to mind every treehouse fantasy that used occupy my ten year old brain back in the day.


The same brain that gets dizzy with excitement when I climb the built-in ladder in the guest bedroom to the loft at the top of the house. The loft with the skylight and the funky balcony where you can look all the way down to the bottom floor. Perfect for imagining you are a pirate in the crow's nest working on your laptop.


Yes, I know I've raved about this house before. Yadda, yadda. But I'm just so thankful for it and my in-laws who allow us to camp out here for days while our own house--the house we've paid for--is temporarily uninhabitable. Camp out and cook dinners and enjoy the garden and celebrate birthdays and baby showers.

I don't always want to leave and go back to casa disaster. But our latest progress on the house will make it just a teensy bit easier to move back across the alley.

Stay tuned!

P.S. I just realized that we have been without the use of the living room and the front door since Grace was 10 months old. What were we thinking when we did that demo? We weren't thinking that we would be without a living room for 18 months, obviously.

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Those lanterns fascinate me. How is it that they don't hit the brick when it is windy? Are they on an anchored cable?

Hi Sandy--

They are protected on two sides by the house so that helps a lot.


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