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I've been dreaming of this day since January 2007 when I first wrote about my search for the perfect shade of "bungalow yellow".

paint sample.jpg

I never thought I'd want to paint a room with yellow paint. Isn't there a rule of home decor that requires you to forever hate the colors of the bedroom you had in the sixth grade? Because it will revive long forgotten trauma about Brian WhatsHisFace making fun of your long toes when you wore your first pair of platform sandals to school? I think there is a rule like that. It's also why I will never have burnt orange shag carpet or rainbow sheets anywhere in my house.

(All of my own choices, by the way. I can't blame my mother for any of it. Darn. Where was Apartment Therapy when I was 11 years old?

So, I went a little bonkers when it came time to pick the color for the living room and dining room. Just a little bit. I purchased twelve (12!!!) samples of various shades of yellow paint to test. And now T.K. is certain I am crazy. He just suspected it before, but now he knows for sure.

You're probably saying to yourself, "Wow, Jeannie. How many shades of yellow can there be?" I know you are because that was what Aaron was also thinking when he saw me sneak through the door with my arms full of little sample cans. Well, I'll tell you. There are hundreds, probably THOUSANDS, of shades of yellow. And I have seen them all.

But only one ended up on the walls of my living and dining rooms. Looks like a bistro in Annecy, France where I spent a pleasant afternoon over a decade ago.


Hubbard Squash. Sherwin Williams color. Scores of bungalow restorers can't be wrong. (Hubbard Squash is in the background. In the foreground is a darker yellow that we are considering for the foyer.)


p.s. We had the floors done while we were at it. They look fabulous. Jerry from Nature Flooring came back! Hurray!


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We did yellow in the kitchen-- it's such a warm and cozy color. I never thought I'd want to do it, either, but it's so great.

We chose other colors from that same Arts and Crafts line at SW, and some from the Eddie Bauer one at Lowes. We tried others, but those are just so well suited to the bungalows!

We call it gold in our house, we found Benjamin Moore's "Concord Ivory" and used it liberally in our living room, dining room, stairwell, and upstairs hallway. Your walls, and your floors, are divine! I always look forward to HIP updates.

Okay....all this stuff you've been posting lately has made me REALLY excited to see your living room finished. And it's making me feel like a slacker with my house :) ...must go find something to do around here....:)

In my opinion, yellow is the trickiest color to get right. It absorbs so much of the colors around it and can totally change from day to night. Our first living room was yellow. It looked great on the chip. When we saw it on the walls we decided they should change the name of that particular shade to "Legal Pad Yellow". Or perhaps "Sticky Note Yellow". Either way, not what you want on your walls.

The second time around we hired a color consultant who helped us pick "butter" for our kitchen. Love it!

Yellow can be such a wonderful kitchen color, very welcoming. A few years ago I repainted a plain white kitchen in a buttery yellow and it totally transformed the room. I hope that you love yours.

OMG... I love yellow! I had a horrible time choosing mine last year - all b/c of a very high maintenance Todd Oldham sofa...

My question though: where did you cram all of your furniture while having your floors done? I can't remember if you were using your LR before the refinishing? I am in need of a refinish but don't want my stuff on the lawn :)

Hubbard Squash is the BEST yellow. You just can't go wrong with those Sherwin Williams colors - we've had great luck with them. Our dining room is Rembrandt Ruby, and it's absolutely perfect - and red might be harder to get right than yellow, even. It looks great!

Hubbard Squash is a great color. We used it in our living room, and it makes the room cheerful and homey no matter the lighting. Even when it's gloomy and cloudy outside, the room looks warm and inviting. I'm not a huge fan of yellows, but Sherwin-Williams nailed this one.

Kudos to you! This is a really good blog here and I love your style of writing. How did you get so good at blogging?

I really like the colors here on your blog. did you design this yourself or did you outsource it to a professional?

I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz reply back as I'm looking to create my own blog and would like to know wheere u got this from. thanks


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