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Remember yesterday when I was like, "Oh, poor me! Renovation is slowing down! Wah wah wahhh."

Yeah, well, shut up, Jeannie. You're an idiot.

We found out that the damage under the sunroom is more extensive than we thought.


Um, yay? We're not out of the woods yet? You can put away the champagne now?

I am one seriously messed up homeowner.

Here's what we see when we look at the outside.


So, there is the sunroom thing, which we've known about. And then taking down the basement ceiling uncovered the fact that the center beam really SHOULD have another support post closer to the sunroom. And we know it should because one used to be there. We can see where it was. The previous owner TOOK IT OUT. Lovely.


And this collaboration of spectacular infrastructure woes has caused a teensy, weensy problem where the sunroom and the front porch are kind of LEANING on each other and dragging each other down in the middle.

We've known that the sunroom would have to be dealt with. We saved up money for it. We didn't know about the center beam thing in advance because the ceiling was covering up that problem. And we (Foolish! Idiots!) also misjudged whether the sunroom was still moving. I can remember standing in front of the sunroom with a contractor friend who said, "Eh, it's an old house. It probably won't move any further. The ground just settled underneath it a long time ago."

Note to self: No matter how much you want to believe your contractor pal, no matter how desperate you are to think that your front porch and sunroom have not joined together in some suicide pact to sink into your front lawn, DO NOT BELIEVE HIM if your gut tells you that Romeo Porch and Juliet Sunroom have decided to drink the poison.

See, there is thing in physics where a mass can just teeter for a long time but once it starts moving, it will gain momentum and the situation will accelerate more quickly over a shorter period of time. And if I had been paying better attention in my classes at Purdue, I would even remember what this was called. (Phase transition? Tipping point? Entropy acceleration? Someone smarter than I am, please help!)

So, whatever that is called? Yeah. We have that. The porch was a slow moving problem for awhile, but that problem has been accelerating. If this were a PBS special, we could show you a film clip of an iceberg calving into the sea.

Exit, Post Renovation Depression. Enter, Present Renovation Panic/Euphoria/Adrenaline/Despair.

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Do you need a whole new foundation in that area, or can you put in extra support beams and/or sister old ones?

In my former old house, foundation guys managed to do the latter in the crawl space. The exterior foundation was a joke, but it didn't really matter with all the support in the innards. No jacking up the house required.

A porch! A porch! My kingdom for a porch!

What a disappointment, Jeannie. That's a bitter cure for post-renovation depression.

Are you worried that jacking or stabilizing the sunroom will jeopardize the newly finished walls in the living room? They share some framing, right?


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