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Unfinished living room at 7 a.m.


Unfinished living room, early afternoon.


Even unfinished, I love it. I love it.

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That is just beautiful. Congratulations!

That is one amazing room.

I had glass doors on the bookcases around my fireplace, so, no dusting of books.

amazing! i love it!!

It is gorgeous.

Is this one of those pairs of pictures where we're supposed to guess how many objects you moved around? :) It's okay, I move something in my house almost ever day. I love the room, especially the yellow walls.

I love the lights, the stained glass, the woodwork -do I need to go on????? :-)

Stunning! Absolutely stunning.

That looks fabulous! I love that someone could easily walk in, look around and say, "Thank goodness no one touched all that original woodwork." You've done a superb job recreating what was almost certainly once there.

Is that a 000 sized guitar? Maybe a Martin 000-18? Very nice.

The room looks good too!


Absolutely gorgeous?

Other than furniture, how is this unfinished?

Can we see more shots of the rest of the room?


I just found your blog through google reader recommended blogs and LOVE it!!

This is absolutely gorgeous!

It's gorgeous. It actually reminds me a lot of my mantel. I love the sconces.

Love it, particularly the windows and fireplace surround.

Unfinished or not it´s totally amazing! I´m so impressed and envious.

The warmth of the room is incredible. The woodwork and the present paint colors work well together. Even if you had a folding chair in there it would be an inviting room.

Woohoo, yeah! Yesterday I turned on the teevee for the first time in 3.75 years!

(The reception sucked. I don't have cable.)

Not to get too political, but just doing a little victory dance that our guy, from Illinois, from good old Chicago, heck, from my old neighborhood (Hyde Park), might be the next leader of the free world! Way to represent!

And then they broke off in the middle of his speech for a tornado warning and I spent the rest of the evening in the downstairs bathroom with the cats wondering whether I'd have to have a "house in progress" of my own if the funnel cloud they reported just west of Chambana touched down in our neighborhood. (It didn't.)

Anyways, congratulations on five years of progress. After all this time, you're still one of my favorite blogs, and kind of an inspiration.

I love the expression. Everyone needs to express there own opinion and feel free to hear others. Keep it up :)

Great blog!! You should start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned :)


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