Our "Look What I Did" Contest Entry - Wood Windows

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This post was written for Houseblogs.net as part of a sweepstakes sponsored by True Value. Housebloggers can register to win a $300 AMEX gift card but entries are due by Tuesday, July 21st--go here for details.

Since we're running the contest we're not eligible to win, but we thought we'd participate anyway. It's always nice to reflect back on what we've gotten done around the house! So, on to our favorite DIY project pick....

I'm going to go with our restored wood windows. It's been one of the biggest chunks of our time over the last two years. More often than not, if we're working on the house you'll find one of us doing something like this.

Fixing up our windows has also had some of the biggest impacts on our quality of live. That's probably easiest to understand if you look at some quick before and after windows.

Yes, that window was permanently cut to hold that window AC unit. Sigh. Luckily the after photo makes that all seem like a distant memory.

(That's the same window, just from different sides. Unfortunately, I couldn't find two interior shots of the same window both before and after.)

Jeanne deserves alot of the credit here, of course. I stripped, stained and shellaced most of the windows upstairs one summer but since then she's really taken over. All the weatherproofing and insulation expertise is her too.

You can get a great recap of all the effort in Jeanne's great series of blog posts below:

Repairing & Reglazing Wood Windows, Pt. 1
Repairing & Reglazing Wood Windows, Pt. 2
Repairing & Reglazing Wood Windows, Pt. 3

Anyway, that's our favorite "Look What I Did" project. What's yours? Be sure to enter it in the Houseblogs.net contest by Tuesday to be eligible for the drawing!

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this is probably a stupid question, but what did you put on your window frames while you were restoring? we have an old victorian and I want to restore the windows one at a time, they are 30X78 inches...

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