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What do you get when you combine an old house lover with a tech gadget obsessed spouse?


I have been going nuts over the wires. The cables. The outlets. The plugs. The "docks". Trying to keep Grace from the cell phones, the digital camera, the car keys, and our wallets has become a game that SHE loves and which I hate. Hate. Hate.

So, when Aaron and I read about this over a year ago, we swooned. We yearned.


Fast forward to this past Spring, when we were sketching out the design of the sunroom benches with T.K. We needed to have something that would visually balance out the radiator cover on one side of the room. Something that was roughly the same size and shape. Hmmmm....


So, T.K., using his mad cabinetmaking skillz, whipped us up a little cabinet to sit around the corner from the front door. A little cabinet with a little lock. That held all of the docks for our electronics and hooks for our keys and a shelf for our wallets.

Here is my 20 second Adobe Illustrator sketch. I do not rock the Adobe Illustrator, obviously.


T.K. improved upon the drawing.


Although it isn't finished quite yet, I cannot WAIT to use it. NO MORE WIRES!!!!

I imagine those old house lovers who wanted to be really creative could make over an old medicine cabinet too, and hang it on the wall.

Who said that technology and old bungalows don't go together?

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Ok, maybe I'm dense, or maybe you just did way too good of a job, but I can't figure out how it works. Where are the wires? Could you add a picture of it open?

It definetly looks slick and period closed up, but what's it hiding?

The original two outlets (yes, just two) in our house are located about five feet up the wall. That would be a perfect height for a wall mounted tech cabinet. But I like how you hid the wires with a bench, good idea. And the bench would be a nice place to huddle with a blanket, hot cocoa, and a laptop!

Medicine cabinet...

might have to file that one away, it would rock to have something like that back in the mudroom, but probably not until we actually start using the mudroom as the family's enterence into the house. So before the Newtons can e-nook it we'll have to build a set of stairs. -sigh-

wow. that first photo totally rocks. How cool is that!? It makes me totally rethink my computer setup.

Nice blog here! Also your website loads up fast! What host are you using? I wish my website loaded up as fast as yours lol


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