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Three out of four dorms at North Park University had to be evacuated.

After hearing the THUD, THUD, THUD of helicopters hovering over our neighborhood all day, we decided to take an afternoon stroll down to the flooding near campus. Just to see what all the fuss was about. My sister was in town for her job, so she came along to take photos for the folks back home.


Of all the Albany Park folks who were flooded, this is the end of the flood zone with less damage. Still, I would be seriously bummed out if this were the street in front of my house and I had to deal with the basement.


The height of the water takes your breath away a little. I mean, this was no Hurricane Ike or Katrina, just an afternoon and evening of hard rain. Photos really don't do it justice. It's very disorienting, this wall of very fast water that has just plowed over everything and swallowed up parks and streets. There is usually a good 10-12 feet of clearance between the river and the bottom of this bridge on a normal day.


Earlier this afternoon, I was instant messaging with a friend of mine who lives smack in the middle of the flood zone a few blocks away. She told me that they were evacuating people with boats at the end of her block.


And we still have the rain from Ike arriving in the next 24 hours. Lovely.

p.s. This is a bonus video for my mom and dad. Grace's taller parent (6'7") can entertain her in ways that I, her shorter parent, cannot.

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WOW! See, I'm not getting how Chicago and St. Louis got hit worse than parts of Texas. While we've got nothing on Houston and Galveston, of course, parts just an hour or so away were just rained on. that's it. And then, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of miles away ... it gives me a headache.

Love your post title. (Especially since that's the name of the place I grew up!!! Got my attention right away 'cause I thought you were writing about "home.")

Grace, tell your parents you need a life jacket....... Amazing! You have water and at our lake we are in a drought and look to the sky for relief. Mother Nature has an odd sense of humor.

Those flood currents can indeed be scary. The house I've recorded at with Frank Tribes has a studio in a basement, and it's about a block from those dorm buildings. Yikes. I can only hope our recent tracks survived. Glad to hear your home has remained relatively dry.

Boy. If you brought Grace over to my house today, she could have tree branches in her face if she crawled!

Aaron, I think You-Tube is trying to tell you something when Suzanne Vega's "Luka" is coming up as a related video. Did you enter you video with the keyword "child abuse"?

Stay dry. How is your skylight faring?

Wow! I take it Anderson was the only dorm still inhabitable. Though I hated the pie-shaped rooms I would've been grateful for my 8th floor room at a time like this! I feel for all the NPer's...and everyone else in the area :(

You are freaking me out with these pictures. I just moved to Ohio from Albany Park and still have a condo there (can't sell it). It looks like your pictures are from Kimball just south of Foster. Was it this bad all the way to Wilson? That's where my building is. Oh cripe.

This made me do a double take, because there actually IS a Venice, Illinois down near St. Louis, not far from where I live. And it doesn't look like this at all. Great pictures.

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Way to focus and straight to your point, i love it. Keep up the work people. Dont let anyone stop us bloggers.


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