I love, love, love my neighbors. (And! We're. back.)

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I'm curled up in front of the fireplace right now, listening to the sweet sound of my neighbor from down the street snowblowing the sidewalk and walkways for THE ENTIRE BLOCK.

I have the nicest neighbors on the planet. People here do stuff like this all of the time. It's crazy cool.


It's even cooler that he is an award-winning documentarian who used to do a lot of work for the BBC and who has a film school named after him. But he would never tell you that. Instead, he would throw on his hat and gloves and come over to help you fix your lawnmower. Or garage door. Or share a beer with you at a neighborhood potluck.



Excuse me. I need to go out and buy a snowblower hero some brews.

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I totally agree. What a lovely day and neighborhood.

Wow. And not just cleaning the sidewalk, but cleaning the sidewalk a couple swaths wide!

I love hearing stuff like this. :)

Hey, Spud Art! I read your blog!

(Wow. Small world.)

Keep focusing on your blog. I love how we can all express our feelings. This is an extremely nice blog here :)


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