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...or something.

So, there we were, just jamming along with the house and getting the new living room done, blah, blah, blah. And I'm blogging it.


That's it. It's not a great set of excuses, but there they are. Quizzes about 70's child actors and Superpoking people and time spent looking up all of the popular kids from my high school to see if they are old-looking and fat have entirely consumed me from mid-November until now. I'm a tweenager trapped in the body of a forty-something.

Don't even get me started about the potty training. While we were all sick. At the same time. Because we want ALL THE BODY FLUIDS! ALL AT ONCE! BRING 'EM ON!

So, 2008 didn't end with a bang. It ended with a series of squishes, sneezes, snotty noses and thrown sheep.

I'll catch everyone up soon. And by everyone, I mean my mother.

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My fear is that I'll throw a sheep at someone and they'll keep it and use it for wool purposes. Then I won't get it back and I won't be able to throw it at anyone.

*snort* I've been on Facebook for over a year, and suddenly there was this explosion of old work and college acquaintances, family members, and people I (sort of) knew from high school. Funny, my officemate (who's around my age) and I were just talking about how the 35-40 set just suddenly got with the program.

And then Dr. Tully Monster suddenly got on Facebook. He keeps sending me fish. I guess you have to keep the romance alive somehow.

Glad you're back. I was starting to worry a little.

And therein lie the reasons that I have, and will continue to, abstain from Facebook. Glad you're back.

If during potty training your child only pees on the couch once consider yourself very very lucky, I have three kids the oldest was potty trained at 2 but only at the babysitters, as soon as we got home wet pants, the middle one finally trained herself, I got tired, at 3 and only because she wanted my little pony underwear like her older sister, and my son be so very, very glad you have a girl he was horrible to train we tried everything he finally did it. Dont ask how old he was I am not saying. I understand the facebook thing my best friends are on there and I have to check everyday. but so glad your back I was going into houseinprogress withdrawn, and that is not a pretty site. Enjoy this phase of childhood it is a blast. Norma

And who finally shamed me into joining Facebook?

Yeah, FB got me too... I was wondering about you guys. I figured just life- it happens. Happy New Year!

Love the blog here. Nice colors. I am definitely staying tuned to this one. Hope to see more.


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