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Okay, so I just checked out the Quaker Facebook group and we need MORE MORE MORE Quaker hot cereal UPC codes entered in there. Or we need more of you to join Facebook. Or both!

We need to feed the people, people.

Here's the cool part about the Start with Substance campaign. I don't get anything when you enter the UPC codes. When you enter the UPC codes, Quaker has to pony up free food to needy families. You type, they feed. I get to watch the little numbers tick upwards and that makes me happy.

This kind of thing jazzes me to no end. It's why I've happily volunteered over the years for organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Inspiration Cafe, Rebuilding Together, the Greater Chicago Food Depository, Cabrini Alive, La Rabida Children's Hospital, The Night Ministry. Helping others is cool. It's energizing. It makes you appreciate what you have so much more.

Honestly? That is why I agreed to do this thing. Why make myself crazy and fret about a herd of people descending upon my tiny, still broken, weird house? Clean the bathrooms? Run to stash this stack of unfinished trim somewhere and figure out a way to heat the back room and gnash my teeth over the paper shades still hanging in my windows?

Because it is worth it. Feeding hungry kids, that's worth it. Especially when it is as easy as just going to my pantry and pulling out boxes of oatmeal and scanning the back of the box.

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